Positive Effects Of Seafood On Our Health (Part 2)

Positive Effects Of Seafood On Our Health (Part 2)

Beneficial for joints

Studies have shown that intake of diet rich in omega-3 fats can reduce inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and it can also help in treating joints tenderness. People suffering from such problems can benefit by eating fishes like sardines and salmons which are found to be helpful in reducing arthritis.

Great for eyes

Studies have shown that people suffering from age-related muscular degeneration (AMD) can benefit from marine Omega-3 which is found to be helpful in protecting the eyesight of such patients. As retina in the eye is very concentrated in DHA (a long chain omega-3 fatty acid) the intake of seafood especially oil-rich fish can be helpful in keeping the eyes healthy and bright. Certain seafood such as fish and shellfish are rich in vitamin A which is helpful in boosting night vision.

Beauty Enhancer

Surprisingly seafood can contribute to your beauty but the question is how? Fish contain omega-3 fatty acid and zinc which can improve your complexion. Zinc is also helpful in reducing acne. Sea foods are rich source of vitamin E which is vital to skin health and is helpful in slowing down skin aging.

Good for Brain

According to Professor Michael Crawford brain development is dependent on arachidonic (AHA) and docosahexaenoic acids (DHA) which are richly found in seafood like fish. So it is right to state that seafood is brain food. Studies indicate that people who consume plenty of seafood are less likely to develop Dementia and memory problems.

Boost up lungs functioning

Respiratory problems can be reduced by including cold-water fish in the diet as it triggers tissue repair and physical strength that is necessary for recovery. Omega-3 fat consumption also leads to improved immune functioning and reduction in inflammation.

Apart from these benefits Epidemiological studies have reveal the link between sea foods and low level of depression. Sea foods are also beneficial for pregnant woman contributing to fetus growth and neurological development.http://www.beetnikfoods.com/

By: Mark Danny
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