Cappuccino: Some Like it Hot and Some Like it Cold

Cappuccino: Some Like it Hot and Some Like it Cold

coffee2Cappuccino was once considered a drink of the high class who had the time and money to waste sitting around fashionable coffee shops and drinking their beverage of choice. But, the popularity of espresso machines brought Cappuccino into the homes of almost every coffee lover around the world. Today, this beverage is enjoyed by people from all walks of life both in modern coffee cafes and at home.

There is nothing like waking up to a rich cup of cappuccino on a dreary and cold morning or enjoying a great cup of this frothy beverage with lunch or dinner or just for a relaxing night cap. It is warm and satisfying and to many truly the beverage to be savored. It is one of the great hot drinks around the world.

But what is a cappuccino lover to do on those sweltering hot summer days when you are dying for your favorite beverage but the thought of drinking something hot is just unbearable? Why not have a your cappuccino cold. Yes, cappuccino can be served cold and there is even a special name for it….Cappuccino Freddo! While the Mediterranean countries enjoy this beverage almost as much as the hot version we here in the States are a little behind. Very few coffee shops offer Cappuccino Freddo choosing instead to leave off the foam on top and serving a iced latte. But you can make your own cappuccino Freddo at home. The secret is all in the cold milk foam and cooling the cappuccino and serving it without ice.

Making the cold cappuccino itself is an easy task. You simply make your cappuccino as you normally would only a little stronger, pour it over ice and then drain it into another glass so that there is no ice in the cappuccino itself. Now just before serving you will need to make your cold milk foam. There are several ways to do this but the fastest and easiest way is by hand.

You simply place half and half in a jar with the lid, put the lid on tight and shake with all your might until the half doubles in size and starts to foam. You then take the lid off the jar, and pop the jar in the microwave for a few seconds to bring the foam to the top of cream and stabilize it. Using a holey spoon scoop off the foam and place it on top of your cold cappuccino. You now have cappuccino Freddo.

Some people skip the microwave all together and take the cold foam straight from the jar. Either way your cappuccino has the foam that makes it well…cappuccino and you have your cappuccino fix made a cool new way.

Whether you prefer your cappuccino hot or cold, it is a drink you can truly enjoy anytime of the day and any day of the year. So sit back, relax and enjoy that nice hot cup or cold glass of cappuccino.

By: Kainoa Louis
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